Grand Canyon in Monochrome

Grand Canyon-11

In my last post, I shared my color photos I took of the Grand Canyon. Here, I will share some of the monochrome photos.

Grand Canyon-10

Why monochrome? From my experience, I’ve found that most photographers “see” in color. There are others who, when they are composing an image, innately see how it would appear as a monochrome image. I’m in the latter camp. For me, monochrome leaves more room for interpretation for the viewer. Whereas, color images lay everything out there and leave no room for interpretation. The upside is that color images capture more of the “glory” of an image. It’s simply a matter of preference, and mine is monochrome.

Grand Canyon-9

I hope you enjoy these images. Please leave a comment and let me know what you think of them.

Grand Canyon-1

Grand Canyon-3


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