My farewell to a Coug.

E-Flo and I

I had the good fortune to meet with President Elson S. Floyd on several occasions while attending Washington State University. Most of these occasions were due to my involvement in the student government. Every time I encountered him, he came across as the type of person that had the ability to openly listen to what you had to say, without passing judgement; he did this no matter what was going on or how busy he was.

I was able to attend even more events where he gave speeches. This is something he excelled at. He had the ability to convince his audience that they had the ability to change this world for the better, that we should actively strive to do so, and that, no matter how difficult it might seem, each of us has the power to do it.

Dr. Floyd was an inspiring leader. During his tenure, Dr. Floyd did much to advocate for affordable higher education and greater access to it. He never lost touch with what was important or who he represented. I remember when he was first appointed as the president of WSU. Some people suggested that he got the job merely because of his race and that WSU wanted to appear “less white.” Dr. Floyd proved that he was clearly the right person for the job and a Coug at heart; he was merely coming home.

I count myself among the many that will greatly miss E-Flo.

Go Cougs!


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