Griffith Observatory

During my trip to Los Angeles, I visited the Griffith Observatory, which is located in Griffith Park, next to Hollywood. This science center is not only remarkable for its planetarium, but also for its architecture and location. Perched high above Los Angeles, it offers breathtaking views of the massive city, as well as a rather close-up view of the famous Hollywood sign.

Among the many things to see and do at the observatory is the tribute to James Dean, with the Hollywood sign in the background. The Griffith Observatory played a significant role in Rebel Without a Cause, which starred Dean.


Here are two images of some of the architecture of Griffith Observatory:



On the observatory grounds is a tribute to history’s great astronomers:



The inside of the observatory is just as interesting as the outside. For example, there is the large mural that decorates the ceiling of the main entrance:


Additionally, there is the massive Tesla coil, housed in a Faraday cage:


Finally, there are my favorite pictures I took of the observatory domes:

The first two are the same image. I thought they looked great both in color and black and white:




In each of the above three images, the moon can be seen peering through the clouds.

I very much enjoyed the few hours I spent at the Griffith Observatory and would encourage everyone to check it out. This place has a lot to offer: hikes within the park, beautiful views of the city, architecture, and science.


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