The Dolby Theatre

While in Los Angeles, I took a tour of the Dolby Theatre (formerly the Kodak Theatre), the home of the Academy Awards.


Unfortunately, no photography was allowed inside of the theatre. Even so, this tour was well worth the time and money. The tour began in the lobby where the Red Carpet leads to during the Academy Awards. Every star that attends the awards show walks through this lobby. Then we went to the private lounge where an actual Oscar is on display. Next, we went backstage. We saw several of the makeup rooms, the writing room for the host of the award show, and where the green room goes – a new green room is designed and constructed for each awards show. The tour then led to the stage where the stars receive their awards. This stage is quite large, bigger than a basketball court. The acoustics of this theater are amazing. A person speaking at a normal voice can be heard throughout the theater. The tour then proceeded through the press gauntlet stars walk through after receiving their awards, with a pit-stop at one of the box seats, ending back at the lobby where we began.

What impressed me most was how tall the theater is. It appears to be more tall than it is wide. This is something that I never noticed when watching the awards on TV.


These stairs, which begin near Hollywood Blvd, lead up to the lobby of the Dolby Theatre. During the awards shows, the merchant signs are removed.



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