The City of Angels

I spent three days in Los Angeles and they were amazing.

Los Angeles at Night

I was sent to southern California for a work trip and took some time off to extend that trip to visit Hollywood.

I love movies, actors, and pretty much the entire film industry. So, I took my trip to be an opportunity to tour some of the sites in Hollywood (the Dolby Theater, the TCL Chinese Theater, the Walk of Fame, etc.).

There are several things that stood out to me during this trip:

  • This place is magical. Sure, they create movie magic virtually every day, but there is a magical air about the city. While walking around Hollywood, I saw no less than three casting calls with lines wrapped around city blocks. So, it would seem that I’m not the only one who finds this place magical. Clearly, this is the city of open dreams.
  • The people who work in Hollywood love Hollywood. You can see the excitement in their faces.
  • Almost everyone I saw preparing food at restaurants were hispanic, regardless of the type of food. In fact, I often felt like a racist asshole because I was always being waited on by brown people. This certainly lent some perspective when it came to the immigration debate.

I’m a fan of the musical group 30 Seconds to Mars. On their new album is a song called City of Angels. After walking on the Walk of Fame, watching the street performers, and taking in the city’s history, I think I truly understand the message behind the lyrics. This place is special and since visiting it, I can’t listen to this song without getting choked up.



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