The forgotten musical genre

This is my tribute to Motion Picture Soundtracks. Since 2008 happens to be the 100 year anniversary of pairing music with film, what better time to bring this often overlooked art to the attention of others?

Specifically, I’m referring to the Film Score subcategory of soundtracks.

Take a moment and think about one of your favorite movies. Now, try to imagine it without any music. No doubt, after careful reflection, you will conclude that virtually any film will lose at least some of its quality or drama when not accompanied with music.

Also, it might be worth noting that the historical relevance of soundtracks can be traced back to stage plays, dances and operas. Without these scores, a good amount of what we today call classical music would not exist.

So, the next time you’re watching a movie, pay particular attention to how the music makes, or breaks a scene.

Here is s sample of my favorite movie score from The Fountain, by Clint Mansell:


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